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Currently the Philadelphia Department of Health is allowing us to vaccinate everyone 16yo and older!!!! 

For those of you eligible to make an appointment, the location of the vaccination clinic is in the basement of 10101 Academy Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19114 where Academy Pharmacy is located.  It is NOT in the pharmacy.  The clinic is in the basement and is accessed at the opposite end of the building of the pharmacy.  There is an elevator to take you to the basement.  We are asking that you comply with the following requests to ensure we have an orderly and successful clinic for everyone!

  • Please be prompt for your appointment but not earlier than 5 minutes to help keep social distance

  • Wear a short sleeve shirt so the vaccinators have easy access to the upper arm

  • Bring your MEDICAL CARD you use at the doctor not the pharmacy card.  For those on Medicare this is your red, white and blue card.  Have your cards out and ready when you check in

  • Be prepared to wait a minimum of 15 minutes after your vaccination so we can monitor you for an allergic reaction which is rare

  • If this is your first dose, your 2nd dose appointment will be 21 days later at the same time, in the same place

If you meet the eligibility requirements above, we here at Academy Pharmacy couldn't be more thrilled to invite you to click the link below to schedule you vaccination!

Covid-19 Scheduler: Welcome
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